Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast

Keeping Your Spiritual Center To Maintain YOUR Sanity-Complete Episode

November 26, 2022 Dr. Sandra Marie/Mark Robinson Season 1
Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast
Keeping Your Spiritual Center To Maintain YOUR Sanity-Complete Episode
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Show Notes

Bonus Episode

Dr. Sandra Marie welcomes back to the show, Mark Robinson, medical intuitive and energetic restructuring healer. The two discuss how to leverage your personal spirituality to manage external threats. Mark share we are each spiritual beings and physical beings at the once. He discusses the intensity of being a physical being with all that is going on in the world, sharing a recent experience with hurricane Ian in Florida and the emotions that have been affecting him. Mark talks about centering himself focusing on being a spiritual being which is absolute and is all good to balance the physical being. The two discuss survivors’ guilt, having no control over the impending and letting go as well as the unique lessons for each person in the present and reflecting retrospectively for personal growth.
 The discussion moves into spiritual tools and how to leverage. Mark shares there is no blueprint to being spiritual while each person is gifted spiritual tools in the end it is unique to each person. The conversation shifted towards the upcoming "golden age" moving the two into a discussions of the shifting energy on the earth plane.  The two discuss how each of their spiritual journey's has influences and changed how they are interacting with and responding to world and personal events. Each discuss how they "make a difference" is very different for each of them as they are evolving.
 The conversation moved from control or not having control to how they each have significant power to influence and change and what that looks like now. Mark focuses on the importance and power of Love and Light. He shared a studied from 9/11 explaining the cohesive coherent energy was high for three to five days from people all over the world sending love and light.  Mark talks about the importance of not getting bogged down in negative heavy energy of world events which can be like quicksand and quickly suck a person down.
 Mark explains you cannot deny each person their opportunity to attract the experiences they need to transform into the persons/beings they are meant to be.
 Dr. Sandra Marie discusses being of 100% service your others and 100% service to ourselves, judgements, judging, owning other people’s beliefs, and self-judging. Mark shares a personal story of coming to understand he was lovable and the conclusion we are all lovable as the unique beings we are.
The two discuss the meaning of 100% service to yourself and 100% service to others. Mark shares that in our society being self-deprecating and sacrificing is revered and service to self has been demonized as selfish, he shares you cannot save someone else when you are drowning. A person needs to feel safe and secure which is based in self-care before they can be of meaningful service to others and a person should come from a place of love when being of service to others not a duty or grudgingly for the se

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