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Rev. Dr. Diane Moves from Traditional Religion to an Earth Based Spirituality Practice as a Witch

December 07, 2022 Dr. Sandra Marie/Diane Riis Season 1 Episode 21
Happy Hour For The Spiritually Curious Podcast
Rev. Dr. Diane Moves from Traditional Religion to an Earth Based Spirituality Practice as a Witch
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Show Notes

Episode 21

Dr. Sandra Marie connects with Rev. Dr.  Diane Riis for a very insightful conversation on Earth Based Spirituality, Witchcraft, and the importance of the question "Who AM I". Definitely worth a listen.

This episodes delves into the effects of our fear based culture which includes people being fear junkies as noted by the success of Hollywood’s production of horror movies and how that has influenced alternative spiritual paths like Witchcraft in a negative light leading to misunderstandings.

Rev. Diane shares her spiritual journey from leading a traditional religious congregation to moving to an earth-based spiritual practice as a witch.

Dr. Sandra and Rev. Diane's discussion includes understanding ourselves as spiritual beings on this human experience and leading multiple dimensional lives and how that looks in daily life. They get into a discussion on channelers and channeling. Rev. Diane share information on SETH who was channeled by Jane Roberts and the two Seth books SETH SPEAKS and THE NATURE OF PERSONAL REALITY.

 The Rev. Diane provides a brief exercise the listeners can try. Before sleep asking "Who AM I" and " What's the source of my breath" "Where is my breath coming from"? She shares a mantra she uses from Seth "I treat myself gently and I am my own best friend" which positively influences her daily. 
Rev. Diane discusses the neurodivergent community and those with special gifts focusing on the shift to more acceptance and understanding how they are special and spiritually tuned in and the gifts they bring to the world.  
Rev. Diane talks about her book Midnight Pages. She shares insights and research on insomnia and how she was listening to Rumi one night who said stay awake for the Stranger (who she took as Spirit) and listen to what the night tells you. Her book is a workbook to help others listen and create.
She comes full circle to emphasis witchcraft is connected with the divine feminine, about love, and there is nothing dark.
Midnight Pages
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